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Contractor Charges
Get a quick rough estimate on what you can expect to pay for the various services listed below

Baling and Bale Handling

Baling and Bale Handling Charges (€ incl. VAT)
Bale, wrap, stack and move (incl. plastic four layers, extra layers additional cost) *For NRF add €1/bale*" 16-17/bale
Bale, wrap, stack and move (excl. plastic) 12-13/bale
Bale and wrap (incl. plastic four layers, extra layers additional cost) *For NRF add €1/bale* 12-13/bale
Bale and wrap including combinations (excl. plastic) 10-11/bale
Baling silage (4 x 4) 6/bale
Mow, bale and wrap (incl. plastic four layers, extra layers additional cost) 18-19/bale
Mow, bale and wrap (excl. plastic) 15-16/bale
Wrap (4x4) (excl. plastic) 3.50-4/bale
Bale transport 70/hr or 4/bale
Bale stacking 68-70/hr
Large square bales of silage (6x4x3) 9.5-10/bale
Large 5x3x2 silage bales wrapped 14-15/bale
Hay - small square bales 1/bale
Hay - round bales (4x4) 5.50-6/bale
Hay - cutting/mowing 24-26/ac
Hay - turning/rowing/rowing 13-14/ac
Straw - small square bales 1.50/bale
Straw - round bales (4x4) 5.50-6/bale
Straw - round bales (5x4) 6-6.5/bale
Straw - (8x4x3) 11-12/bale
Straw - (6x3x3) 7/bale
Straw - (8x3x3) 9.5-10/bale


Cultivations Charges (€ incl. VAT)
Min till cultivation (per pass) 35-36/ac
Levelling harrow 18-19/ac
Disc harrowing 30/ac/run or 110/hr
Ploughing - lea 48-52/ac
Ploughing - stubble 43-48/ac
Power harrowing/run (3m) 52/ac/run or 147/hr
Rolling 13/ac or 48/hr
Sub-soiling / Mole daining / hr 130-135/hr
Gravel Mole Drainage 10/ton gravel or 145/ac

Drilling/Sowing Operations

Drilling/Sowing Operations Charges (€ incl. VAT)
Conventional grain/fertiliser 46-48/ac
Conventional seed only 36-38/ac
Direct drill 54-58/ac
Maize seeding (inc. laying plastic and spraying, but excl plastic cost) 85-90/ac
One pass - seed only 48-50/ac
One pass - combine drill 54-58/ac
Min-till/strip-till drill 54-58/ac
One-pass grass reseeding 54-55/ac
Grass seeding -quality job, seeding and rolling (not incl. seed) 230 -240/ac
Plough, till and sow maize 200-210/ac

Seed Cleaning

Seed Cleaning Charges (€ incl. VAT)
Cleaned and dressed 170-180/tonne

Complete Cultivation Work

Complete Cultivation Work Charges (€ incl. VAT)
Plough and one pass 74-79/ac
Plough, till and sow grain 95-100/ac

Fertilizer Applications

Fertilizer Applications Charges (€ incl. VAT)
Broadcasting - 2 bags per acre 42/t or 95/hour
Broadcasting - general 42/t or 95/hour
Bulk spreading 42/t or 95/hour
Lime spreading 6-7/t


Spraying Charges (€ incl. VAT)
Low volume - 83 l/ac 18-19/ac


Combining & Beet Charges (€ incl. VAT)
Cereals and oilseed rape 58-62/ac
Cereals and oilseed rape and chopping 63-67/ac
Grain haulage (up to 15km) 7/t
Beet harvesting 145-150/ac


Hedgecutting Charges (€ incl. VAT)
Hedgecutter - flail 58-62/hr
Hedgecutter - sawhead 68-72/hr
Hedgecutter - excavator/digger 75-85/hr
Mulching hedges 75-85/hr

Silage and Willow Harvesting

Silage and Willow Harvesting Charges (€ incl. VAT)
Mowing - conditioner 24-26/ac
Raking/Tedding/Rowing 12-12.50/ac
Precision chop grass silage - complete job (in pit) 140/ac (extra for long draw)
Maize silage - complete job (in pit) 180/ac (extra for long draw)
Wagon silage - complete job (into the pit) 130/ac (extra for long draw)
Whole crop silage - complete job (into the pit) 145/ac (extra for long draw)
Zero grazing (will vary with capacity and distance) 70-73/load
Willow harvesting complete job 215/ac (extra for long draw)
Topping grassland 20-25/ac or 55/hr

Slurry and Muck Spreading

Slurry and Muck Spreading Charges (€ incl. VAT)
Muck loading wheeled loader 68-72/hr
Muck spreading - flail 52-57/hr
Muck spreading - 10 t 68-72/hr
Muck spreading - 14 t 90-95/hr
Loading and spreading - 12t spreader 135-140/hr
14t dual/rear discharge spreader and loader 160-170/hr
Slurry agitation 97-102/hr
Slurry spreading - 1,500 gal tanker 52-55/hr
Slurry spreading - 2,500 + gal tanker 68-75/hr
Slurry spreading - 3,000 + gal tanker 93-98/hr
Umbilical spreading (set up charge - laying out and reeling in €100/hr) 160-170/hr
Trailing shoe - 2,500+ gal tanker 90-95/hr

Plant and tractor hire and snow work

Plant and tractor hire and snow work Charges (€ incl. VAT)
14t excavator 77/hr
Digger hire (3CX) 60/hr
Tractor and dumper - 14t 57-62/hr
Wheel Loader - 10t 68-72/hr
Teleporter 60/hr
Mini-digger 35-38/hr
Road sweeper 55/hr
Tractor hire (100 to 150hp tractor and operator) 55/hr
Tractor hire (150 to 200hp tractor and operator) 60/hr
Tractor snow hire (100 to 150hp tractor and operator) 67/hr
Tractor snow hire (150 to 200hp tractor and operator) 72/hr
Wheel loader snow hire - 10t 80-85/hr

Forestry contracting

Forestry contracting Charges (€ incl. VAT)
Forwarded small 85-105/hr
Forwarded large 115-126/hr
Timber harvester small 125-135/hr
Timber harvester large 135-155/hr