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Tillage Podcast: getting ready for drier weather
Siobhán Walsh
This week’s show features updates from agronomists, advice on cultivations, beans, the Crop Protection magazine and the grain market and weather reports.
April beans: the big planting question
10 April 2024 News
April beans: the big planting question
Many farmers are wondering what crops to plant as the season moves on. In this article, we examine the costs involved with spring beans.
We can’t control the weather, but we can have some control on grain prices
10 April 2024 News
We can’t control the weather, but we can have some control on grain prices
Managing risk for your farming business is essential. An Irish company is trying to help farmers manage risk.
Alpego’s Jet-X is just the drill for Meath tillage farmer
Gary Abbott visited Meath tillage farmer, Frank Eivers, to find out how his Alpego 3m Jet-X one-pass drill combination is performing as it enters its third season.
10 April 2024 Farm machinery
Tirlán ticks off tillage farmers
The Dealer has heard from some tillage farmers who are unhappy, having been left out of the weather supports announced this week.
10 April 2024 News
Agronomists on the move
There is a shortage of crop walkers at present, the Dealer hears. He’s wondering who’ll look at the fields when the weather picks up.
10 April 2024 Dealer
High-yielding barley crops still a possibility
The weather is frustrating and tillage farmers are worried, but good, high-yielding crops are still a possibility.
10 April 2024 News
Seed shortages compound potato growers' woes
Many growers have only received 50% of the seed potatoes they need for this year's maincrop.
10 April 2024 News
Tillage farmers can still grow good crops
Agronomists across the country remain optimistic for tillage crops, despite the incessant rain. Siobhán Walsh reports.
10 April 2024 News
First malting price of the season published
The averaging of prices for Boortmalt suppliers started last week, a week earlier than it did in 2023.
10 April 2024 News
€250/ha payment needed for cereals - TII
Tillage Industry Ireland is a group representing the tillage industry and farmers and it says the sector is now in crisis.
10 April 2024 News
Tillage in crisis and straw scheme needs to stay
Tillage representatives at the National Fodder and Food Security Committee meeting asked for financial support and said the Straw Incorporation Measure should remain in place.
9 April 2024 News