‘I lost my sight and everything went pure black – but I keep going’
Margaret Hawkins
Donegal man Paddy Gallagher lost his sight after a traffic accident in 2019, but he remains hopeful and positive about life. Read his inspiring story, told in his own words to Margaret Hawkins.
28 May 2024 Management
Keep on top of worm burdens in young cattle
With warm conditions forecast to follow rain showers this week, worm burdens will be increasing on grazing swards, which pose a health risk to young cattle.
22 May 2024 Health
Health: with change in weather, farmers need to be more aware of lyme disease
Lyme disease can cause many long-term medical conditions if not treated early and now is the time to be vigilant about it as the weather gets warmer, writes Margaret Hawkins.
Health: from clarity to quiet - the impact of sudden hearing loss
Sudden hearing loss can be frightening and strike without warning. With farmers at increased risk from machinery and farm animal noise, experts warn not to suffer in silence, writes Margaret Hawkins.
15 May 2024 Health
Young Stock Podcast: a spring to remember and a spring to forget
On this week’s Young Stock Podcast, Amy Forde speaks to John Keane of the Make the Moove initiative about mental health in rural young people.
13 May 2024 News
Just 4% feel diet affects carbon footprint - ERSI report
The report references research stating that red meat is “probably carcinogenic”, as well as advice that red meat be eaten as part of a “healthy balanced diet”.
9 May 2024 News
Mental health: ‘why more rural teens than ever are depressed’
As the landscape of youth mental health continues to change, it’s important to speak up and know what services are out there, writes Grace Hanna.
8 May 2024 Health
Health: hospital car parking charges add insult to injury
The charges for parking your car can add to the financial stress of illness. A cap on charges was recommended by Government back in 2020 but has yet to be implemented, writes Margaret Hawkins.
8 May 2024 Health
Scoliosis scandal: ‘It’s been so heartbreaking to see Liam disintegrate'
The curve in his spine has now passed 85 degrees, causing severe pain and making him sicker as time goes on. Margaret Hawkins talks to Kerry mother Pam Dennehy about her son Liam’s condition.
1 May 2024 Health
Managing rosacea – the ‘curse of the Celts’
Rosacea, the skin condition that affects the face, can impact a person’s confidence but with proper treatment and good management, those unwelcome flare-ups can be reduced, writes Margaret Hawkins.
24 April 2024 Health
Farmers urged to be vigilant of slurry gases
Slurry poses a major health and safety risk on-farm and all steps should be taken to minimise risks.
24 April 2024 Northern Ireland
New app being developed to enhance farm safety
The app is currently being developed as part of PhD research and should be launched by the end of the year.
20 April 2024 News