Gardening with Gerry: passion flower
Gerry Daly
Hard to find, but growing some passion flowers will result in complex, unusual and very beautiful flowers, writes Gerry Daly.
27 September 2023 Features
GIY's Mick Kelly on Food Matters, Grow HQ and our food system
Food and agriculture can be a divisive subject, but Grow It Yourself's Mick Kelly believes opening up the conversation is the most important thing we can do, writes Janine Kennedy.
27 September 2023 Features
Editorial: when all else fails, the compost heap provides
Growing vegetables is undeniably satisfying, but you never know what's going to grow - or when, writes Janine Kennedy.
Gardening with Gerry: misty blue
At this time of year where reds and oranges are the colours du jour, a pop of vibrant blue is just what we need, writes Gerry Daly.
20 September 2023 Gardening
Gardening with Gerry: Autumn beauty
Autumn crocus are impressive blooms at this time of year. Gerry Daly has all the tips for achieving the perfect bloom.
13 September 2023 Gardening
Going out in a blaze of glory
Before the leaves start to turn, a surge of floral energy re-energises the garden. Mary Keenan writes.
6 September 2023 Gardening
Gardening: I'm walking on sunshine
The sunflower is a well loved plant and for many worthy reasons, writes Gerry Daly.
30 August 2023 Gardening
Gardening with Gerry: pretty petunia
Did you know petunias are actually part of the potato family? Gerry Daly writes
23 August 2023 Gardening
Gardening with Gerry: yucca me feeling tropical
Yucca makes one of the biggest of garden flowers, towering upwards often to over two metres, writes Gerry Daly
16 August 2023 Gardening
Mary Keenan's Garden Diary: Terrace time
Terracing might sound posh, but it is a practical solution to create a unique garden and outdoor space on a slope, writes Mary Keenan
9 August 2023 Gardening
Gardening with Gerry: there's garlic, and then there's society garlic
Sweet garlic is a reference to its less pungent taste than the ordinary kitchen garlic, and its flowers and leaves are edible, writes Gerry Daly
2 August 2023 Gardening
Gardening with Gerry: tempting lucifer
The ordinary montbretia is very common in gardens and as a semi-wild plant in many parts of the country, writes Gerry Daly.
26 July 2023 Gardening