Coupled payments to slow decline of beef cow numbers
Amy Forde
The modeling examines the consequences of continued strong growth in the dairy herd accompanied by a beef cow herd that is projected to contract.
4 June 2023 News
Oats research being carried out to support future expansion
There is increased interest in food-grade oats and it is important that management advice is correct. Atikur Rahman reports from Teagasc Oak Park.
2 June 2023 News
‘Rapid increase’ needed in use of newer fertilisers to slash emissions - CCAC
Government needs to set out credible and detailed implementation plans to enable us to achieve our ambitious targets, CCAC chair Marie Donnelly said.
Agricultural emissions could fall by 20% by 2030, 5% short of target - EPA
The EPA has said that Ireland will fall short of its 51% cut in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and is instead projected to achieve a reduction of 29%.
Agriculture emitted 38% of greenhouse gas emissions in 2020 – CSO
In all, five sectors accounted for 78% of greenhouse gas emissions in 2020, with agriculture (38%) and households (27%) being the two highest-emitting sectors.
Nature restoration should be funded outside CAP – Minister Ryan
Minister Eamon Ryan has shot back at An Taoiseach Leo Varadkar over comments that the EU nature restoration law could go “too far”.
31 May 2023 News
Farmers ‘spoken to and not with’ – IFA
Farmers attending the EPA’s annual conference called for better engagement by policymakers.
31 May 2023 News
13,000ha rewet by Bord na Móna
Bord na Móna is working with other state bodies to rewet more land with 13,000ha already complete.
31 May 2023 News
'Challenging' to secure climate investment for farming
Prof of sustainable energy Jim Skea explained that agriculture is losing out when it comes to climate investments.
31 May 2023 News
Trading under Origin Green brand at ‘risk’ – Ryan
Minister Eamon Ryan has warned that if Irish farmers and food companies do not hit climate targets, trading under the Origin Green brand will be compromised.
31 May 2023 News
A reminder of the stubble cultivation rules for 2023
Tillage farmers are required to cultivate stubbles after harvest to create a green cover and take up nitrates from the soil.
31 May 2023 Nitrates
Virtual fencing: allowing cattle to graze where none had gone in living memory
Two farmers, Eileen Condon and James Gilmartin, recently took part in an NPWS pilot on virtual fencing for cattle.
31 May 2023 News