Farm Programmes
Wading into wetland solutions on Footprint Farms
Emma Hart
Simple, targeted, nature-based measures can help to mitigate the risks of water pollution from farmyard runoff, writes Emma Hart.
Top tips for choosing a livestock ration
Purchased feed remains expensive, so choosing the right ration is important. Kieran Mailey outlines some steps to choosing a ration.
27 September 2023 News
Department tells farmers of green waste options as bush burning ban looms
There will be a ban on burning green waste from 30 November, with the Department now advising farmers of the options available to them to manage green waste on farms.
Carbon figures needed for Irish grain to make 'strong and loud' claims
Having proper data to back up Irish tillage farming's sustainability credentials will be important to try and deliver farmers a premium price for their grain.
26 September 2023 News
Sewage worse for rivers than farming - Oxford research
The University of Oxford has found that treated and untreated sewage release into waterways has a worse impact than agricultural run-off.
25 September 2023 News
'We don’t bat an eyelid' to grain imports, only beef - Minister
Minister for Agriculture Charlie McConalogue had no solutions to prevent land loss from tillage at this year’s National Ploughing Championships.
24 September 2023 News
Winter wheat list lacks new varieties
There is somewhat of a shortage of new varieties on the winter wheat list this year as new varieties wait in the wings.
20 September 2023 Crops
Winter oats list has the two reliables
The winter oats list is short and sweet with two reliable varieties on the list for the 2024 season.
20 September 2023 Crops
Connecting with the consumer in County Clare
One entrepreneurial Clare couple have tapped-into consumer’s hunger for an authentic, meaningful experience of life on the land, writes Brendan Dunford.
20 September 2023 Climate and environment
Half of tillage farmers to lose rented land in 2024
Tillage farmers are struggling to pay bills at the minute and it looks like the sector will lose out massively in the land rental market for the coming season.
20 September 2023 News
'Tillage going down the swanny' while report is prepared
The tillage panel at Wednesday’s National Ploughing Championships called for action to help the sector as the land exodus from tillage farms continues.
20 September 2023 News
Budget 2024 should pay farmers for nature restoration - environmentalists
Farmers should get more funding, outside of the CAP, for nature restoration, said environmentalists.
18 September 2023 News