Almost 50% cut to profit if derogation is lost
Aidan Brennan
Thomas Condon reports from the Dairygold farm walk on the Goggin farm in Cork where water quality and the impact of the derogation was the centre of attention.
24 April 2024 Grass & feeding
Clover week 2024: top tips for getting clover to work
Aidan Brennan outlines some of the top tips when trying to get clover established in permanent grassland.
9 April 2024 News
Hundreds of sprayers grant aided under TAMS with some due a test
A large number of trailed and mounted sprayers were grant aided under TAMS II from the Department of Agriculture. Many of these sprayers are now due a test.
Do cow collars improve fertility?
Aidan Brennan looks at some recent data from over 2.4m cows in New Zealand which assessed fertility performance in herds with and without automated heat detection systems.
10 April 2024 Breeding
Selecting the best grass varieties in 2024
Grassland researchers Tomas Tubritt and Michael O’Donovan fromTeagasc, Moorepark, look at some of the considerations farmers should be making before choosing a grass variety.
29 March 2024 Reseeding
Is red clover a runner this summer?
Aidan Brennan looks at some of the advantages of red clover and some of the things to watch out for when sowing the crop.
20 March 2024 Reseeding
What are forage crops costing to grow?
Farmers should look at the Teagasc crop costs and returns before planting forage crops and see how their figures will differ.
20 March 2024 Fodder
Forage crops for grazing need buffer zones and liebacks
Planning for grazing forage crops has to start early as buffer zones and a lie-back area have to be left in place.
20 March 2024 Fodder
Where to now for dairy breeding
Aidan Brennan takes a look at some of the key things farmers should be looking for when picking bulls and outlines areas where the industry needs to improve.
13 March 2024 Spring AI
Clover and nitrogen: what are the targets?
Aidan Brennan takes a look at some of the new recommendations for nitrogen use on farms with a high demand for grass and with clover on the platform.
5 February 2023 Fertilizers
How does the Danish breeding system work?
Aidan Brennan reports on how Viking Genetics, the main breeding company in Denmark selects bulls when so much of the national herd is bred with sexed semen
3 January 2024 Breeding & health
Preparing for drying off cows
Michelle McGrath from Animal Health Ireland outlines some important advice for farmers as they begin the drying-off process.
6 December 2023 Breeding & health