In pictures: Electric trade for grazing stores in Enniskillen
Kieran Mailey
Grazing stores and weanlings were in high demand at the weekly sale in Enniskillen Mart.
23 March 2024 Management
Five tips to prepare store cattle for sale
Cattle that are well presented in the sale ring will attract greater buying interest. Here are some tips to prepare animals for selling live.
7 October 2023 Management
Five post-housing management tasks for cattle
Cattle handling tasks are easier to plan and carry out after housing. Outlined are five tasks to consider now that winter housing is under way.
Five tips to prepare weanlings for autumn sales
Where weanlings will be sold at special sales this autumn, outlined are some tips to getting animals well prepared.
29 July 2023 Management
3,500 weanlings to set sail for Israel next week
Adam Woods has the latest on the weanling export trade, including news of a big load of weanlings departing for Israel next week.
24 May 2023 Markets
Ensuring adequate feeding and lying space this winter
A recommended minimum area for feeding and lying space of cattle exists and should be adhered to in almost all cases.
11 October 2022 Management
Changeable weather brings pneumonia risk in weanlings
Warm days, cool nights and more frequent rain showers will increase the risk of pneumonia in weanlings.
6 September 2022 Management
Five tips to prepare weanlings for the autumn sales
Where farmers with less experience in selling weanlings at the autumn sales, outlined are five tips to prepare animals for the live ring.
27 August 2022 Management
Lively weanling trade in Macroom Mart
A stronger than expected turnout of weanlings made for a lively trade at a special autumn-born weanling show and sale in Macroom Mart.
17 August 2022 Markets
Creep grazing to reduce stress at weaning and boost thrive
Creep grazing calves doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive, with simple and cheap options available.
16 August 2022 Grass & feeding
Quality over quantity for Cloonglasna
Producing high quality weanlings and champion bulls is the aim for the Egans, and they appear to be doing this consistently.
Calm conditions increasing pneumonia risk
While dry weather is welcome, the lack of wind is affecting ventilation in sheds housing young cattle and increasing the risk of pneumonia.
18 January 2022 Management