Buying a ram or getting ready for breeding – what do I need to look out for?
Darren Carty
A quick and simple physical examination can identify a high percentage of the undesirable traits a ram can possess. Darren Carty reports
3 November 2021
Sheep breeding off to a good start on Tullamore Farm
Ewes have just completed their first breeding cycle with all ewes served and rams switched between single-sire mating groups.
Reducing biosecurity risks when purchasing rams and replacement females
There are three parts to incorporating replacements – identifying the type of animals you want, the exercise of purchasing them and then incorporating these into the flock in a safe manner.
Managing a 1,200-head pedigree ewe flock commercially in Scotland
Incheoch Farms operates a large-scale ewe flock alongside a 220-head suckler cow herd and focuses on producing animals that excel on a forage-based diet.
30 June 2021 Grass & feeding
Telling the age of sheep by their teeth
Sheep will set two permanent teeth each year from the age of one to four years of age.
27 June 2021 Management