Are herbicides effective on broadleaved weeds in your crops?
Siobhán Walsh
Effective spring weed control, including of herbicide-resistant broadleaved weeds, requires products with different modes of action, writes Teagasc researcher Vijaya Bhaskar.
3 March 2024 News
Maximising yield on oilseed rape crops
Early-season management in oilseed rape is important to maximise crop yields. Here is some advice on plant growth regulator application.
24 December 2021 Crops
Canola crushing is targeting food and sustainability
It was interesting to see an Australian company targeting sustainability along the chain for its Auzure vegetable oil products.
Oilseed rape improvements and variety choices
There are now many varieties of winter oilseed rape to choose from, with a range of very useful new traits.
11 August 2021 Crops