Almost 50% cut to profit if derogation is lost
Aidan Brennan
Thomas Condon reports from the Dairygold farm walk on the Goggin farm in Cork where water quality and the impact of the derogation was the centre of attention.
30 April 2024 News
Early nitrogen essential this season
Crops are going in late this season, so it is important to get nitrogen on early to get crops off to a good start and to meet protein specifications.
24 March 2024 News
Could this product reduce your nitrogen fertiliser rate?
Vixeran is a new product on the market from Syngenta which could help to lower nitrogen rates and boost yields in your crops.
Maximising yield on oilseed rape crops
Early-season management in oilseed rape is important to maximise crop yields. Here is some advice on plant growth regulator application.
3 March 2024 News
Multispecies swards can grow 14.2 tonnes DM/ha with 73kg of chemical N - Teagasc
The merits of multispecies swards and ongoing research were discussed at the Farming for Soil Health open day at Johnstown Castle last month.
14 April 2023 Soil
Is protected urea the fertiliser of choice for this time of year?
It's wet and windy and still pretty fresh, so what is the science saying on protected urea versus CAN? Áine Murray, Brian McCarthy and Patrick Forrestal of Teagasc report.
22 March 2023 Grass & feeding
The switch to urea on tillage farms
As fertiliser prices remain high, tillage farmers may find value in urea this season. However, this comes with some caution.
1 March 2023 Soils
Beef Management: investigating abortions and early grass
Adam Woods takes a look at abortions in suckler herds, safety at calving time and getting ready for early grass.
8 February 2023 Management
Turning off the chemical nitrogen tap
Aidan Brennan attends a Macra field day on the Foley farm in Waterford that has moved away from chemical nitrogen to grow grass.
5 October 2022 Grass & feeding
Farmers being paid to remove nitrogen from water
As part of his Nuffield scholarship, Laois dairy farmer Bruce Thompson visited farms in the UK and US that are extracting nitrates from water and getting paid to do so.
28 September 2022 Management
Oversowing clover in Carrigmore
We caught up with Footprint Farmer Martin Crowe to see how he’s cutting his nitrogen use this year.
29 June 2022 Footprint Farmers
Your N index is an essential guide to N use on crops
With the N index system set as the legal requirement for N use in crops, it is important that growers heed this to avoid penalties and potentially save on expensive nitrogen this year.
6 April 2022 Husbandry