When and how to wean dairy beef calves
Adam Woods
Adam Woods takes a look at some of the details around weaning dairy calves off milk and making sure there is no growth setbacks in the process
7 May 2024 Management
Time to target grassland weeds
Spraying weeds such as docks and thistles is recommended before they mature and produce seeds.
Managing grassland through a wet summer
Grazing conditions are getting harder to manage on livestock farms after a month of frequent, heavy rain. Kieran Mailey outlines some advice for grassland management.
Top tips for rotational grazing
For farmers looking to try rotational grazing, Kieran Mailey outlines some helpful tips for beginners.
19 April 2023 Northern Ireland
Grass goals: It’s all about the maltesers and porridge
Adam Wood tries to simplify grass management and has a few tips on how young farmers can increase the proportion of grazed grass in animal’s diets.
22 February 2023 Grass & feeding
What does the future hold for grazing swards in Ireland?
The swards of the future seminar organised by Teagasc emphasised the importance of legumes in all swards.
14 September 2022 Grass & feeding
Simple steps to improve grass utilisation
Andrew Mulhare is a mixed beef and tillage farmer, farming 54ha outside Ballybrittas, Co Laois.
Using wire to grow and utilise more grass
With input costs experiencing a sharp hike in price, farmers need to make use of all options at their disposal including improving grazing infrastructure.
27 April 2022 Infrastructure
Robotic milking grazing: simple as A, B, C blocks
The Gilsenan family in Co Meath are milking 260 cows with four robots in a grass-based system.
27 April 2022 Buildings
Watch back: lambing live on Tullamore Farm
Get an update on how lambing progressed on Tullamore Farm, including analysis of levels of lambing assistance required, lamb birthweights and mortality.
6 April 2022 News