Grain Trends: markets on the up
Siobhán Walsh
Grain markets looked more positive this week, with many factors affecting markets. However, global grain production is forecast up for 2024/2025.
28 June 2023 Markets
Grain trends: Prices move up and down
Grain prices are volatile at present, with many different factors affecting the market from weather to politics.
19 March 2023 News
UK wheat exports hit 40-month high
The Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board have stated that UK wheat exports hit a 40-month high in January.
Workshop wants some milling capacity restored
A research project called Protein-i wants to see milled Irish products from wheat, barely, oats and peas deliver Irish-grown plant protein to human diets.
7 December 2022 Crops
What does moisture content mean for weighbridge dockets?
Lower grain moisture levels mean lower weights but they can also mean lower income.
24 August 2022 Husbandry
Hi-tech cleaning, drying and storage facilities for Meath tillage operation
An investment by the Hobson family has given them greater control over grain prices, as well as opening up new streams of revenue.
25 May 2022 Farm buildings
Convergence and CRISS will consign cereal growers to their armchairs
Farmers would be better off leasing their land and this will happen with further convergence, IGG warned.
15 December 2021 News
Farmers to take control of Glanbia Ireland
Glanbia Co-op and Glanbia plc have announced details of a plan to sell the Glanbia plc shareholding in Glanbia Ireland to the farmers.
10 November 2021 News