Sheep Management: weighing lambs, cobalt deficiency and lamb castration
Darren Carty
Where a weighing scales has not been used for a significant period of time, it is important to check that it is weighing lambs accurately.
Health and husbandry central to top lamb performance
The economics of finishing lambs indoors can quickly unravel where disease is allowed to establish or inferior animal husbandry is practised.
27 October 2021 Winter Feed
Strategic use of concentrates will still pay
While the cost of concentrates has increased significantly, it is still the most economical diet for finishing lambs intensively indoors.
Reviewing drafting performance and hill lamb marketing plans
Mid-season lambing flocks should be soon turning their attention to building autumn covers while hill sheep farmers should be formulating the best sales avenue for this year’s lamb crop.
11 August 2021 Management