Have finishing cattle feed and lying space?
Kieran Mailey
Space requirements for feeding and lying have a big bearing on daily liveweight gain during the final intensive finishing period.
9 December 2023 Management
Five tips to move store cattle into the finishing period
Moving cattle from a store phase to intensive finishing diet involves more than just increasing meal levels.
8 July 2023 Management
Five tips for finishing cattle off grass
With falling beef prices, farmers need to give serious consideration to grass finishing. Outlined are five things to keep in mind.
Making a call on cattle to finish out of the shed
With an extremely strong live ring, farmers should be looking through forward stores in the shed and deciding on what to finish, graze or offload.
28 March 2023 Management
Is ad-lib meal feeding still an option in 2022?
Adam Woods takes a look at the economics of ad-lib meal feeding and whether it’s still a runner with meal at €420/tonne.
26 October 2022 Feed
THRIVE: indoor finishing period commences for bullocks
The finishing bullocks were housed on the THRIVE demo farm last week as grass supply could no longer sustain them outside.
14 September 2022 Grass & feeding
Is there a margin in finishing cattle off grass?
Where farmers are planning to finish cattle off grass, a budget should be completed beforehand to determine if there is a margin to be had.
22 June 2022 Northern Ireland
Five tips for finishing cattle at grass
For farmers planning to kill cattle off grass in the coming weeks, outlined are five tips to consider.
18 June 2022 Management
Check finishing cattle have enough feed and lying space
Finishing cattle will be on to maximum concentrate intakes, so it is important that performance is not hindered by over-stocking in sheds.
5 April 2022 Management
Five tips for transitioning store cattle on to a finishing diet
Store cattle with a target slaughter date in late May and early June should now be moved on to an intensive finishing diet. Outlined are five tips to make a smooth dietary transition.
26 February 2022 Management
Making the call on which stores to kill out of the shed
When deciding on the merits of finishing stores out of the shed, following the following steps will help you make informed decisions.
12 February 2022 Management
Clean drinking water - the forgotten part of winter feeding
Housed cattle need a constant supply of clean drinking water, especially animals on a high dry matter diet.
30 November 2021 Management