Setting up for success with sheep dipping facilities
Martin Merrick
While being one of the most effective controls of external parasites for sheep, dipping is both a laboursome and dangerous task, though steps can be taken to reduce risks and labour.
7 December 2022 Buildings
Handling focus: designing the unit for yourself and the animal
The design of a handling unit should take into account both the safety of the operator and the safety of the livestock passing through it.
7 December 2022 Buildings
Sheep dipping facilities: keeping the environment and your own health in mind
With sheep dip being one of the most hazardous tasks undertaken on a sheep farm, a proper dipping system in place is required to keep risks to human health and the environment to a minimum.
Abiding by environment agency rules for safe dip disposal
This week's sheep feature discussed responsible sheep dipping and footbathing to protect water quality. In this article we recap on the requirements in Northern Ireland.
30 October 2021 Breeding & health