Time for lice control in housed cattle
Kieran Mailey
Where cattle have been housed, there are growing reports of lice causing irritation to growing animals.
23 September 2023 Management
Five tips for managing cattle at housing time
Ground conditions have deteriorated and many farmers have started housing cattle. Outlined are five things to consider when housing cattle.
2 September 2023 Management
Five tips to get sheds ready for housing
Farmers will be hoping to get at least another month at grass, but if weather takes a turn for the worse, having sheds ready for housing is time well spent.
Treating cattle for lice after housing
Lice is a common parasite that will irritate cattle if left untreated during the winter housing period.
8 November 2022 Management
Five steps to winter-proofing the farm
Making sure machinery used for feeding cattle is in working order is just one way to winter-proof the farm. Outlined are some more tips.
22 October 2022 Management
Planning permission for farm buildings
Martin Merrick outlines some of the requirements surrounding planning permission and farm structures.
22 June 2022 Farm buildings
Five tips for managing the stock bull over winter
A stock bull is a major investment for any suckler herd, so here are our top tips to managing these animals over winter.
11 December 2021 Management
Five tips to winter-proof the farmyard
The weather is getting colder and more winter-like, so farmers should be taking steps to make sure the farm yard is able to function when freezing conditions come along.
4 December 2021 Management
Ten tips for managing suckler cows and calves post-weaning
Weaning is a crucial period on suckler farms. To deal with the challenges farmers face this autumn, Kieran Mailey outlines some tips.
29 September 2021 Management
Beef management: five jobs to have cattle housing ready for winter
While housing is still a few weeks away, a wet autumn can force farmers to bring cattle inside earlier than planned. Outlined are five jobs to focus on in September to have sheds ready for winter.
21 August 2021 Management