Farmer Writes: rethinking our silage strategy
Karen McCabe
The current plan is to try and get a first cut of mainly hay in June, if possible.
6 May 2023 Management
Five tips for the suckler breeding season
In early spring calving suckler herds, breeding will be getting underway. Outlined are five tips for suckler breeding.
13 April 2023 News
Farm costs rising as bad weather takes toll
The Irish Farmers Journal livestock team examines just how much the poor spring is costing on farms nationwide.
Focus on BVD biosecurity before breeding
Maria Guelbenzu, BVD Programme Manager, takes a look at BVD biosecurity before the breeding season commences.
12 April 2023 Breeding & health
Don't let calving fatigue set in
Farmers who have been calving cows since early February can grow tired and distracted by other tasks after a busy spring, which can increase the risk of losing calves.
11 April 2023 Management
Five tips to managing cows and calves until turnout
Wet conditions are expected to continue into next week, delaying plans to turn spring calving cows and calves out to grass on many farms.
18 March 2023 Management
Keeping on top of hygiene in calving pens
As spring calving activity ramps up, keeping on top of hygiene in pens is important.
14 March 2023 Management
Five tips to preventing calf scour
The risk of calf scour will increase as the calving season progresses, so follow the outlined tips to keep on top of the disease this spring.
18 February 2023 Management
Calving advice: 10 tips for resuscitating calves
In the final instalment of our spring-calving series, Kieran Mailey outlines some tips to getting calves up and going.
15 February 2023 Management
Calf rearing series week one: putting a plan and budget in place
With the main calf trading season upon us, over the coming weeks Declan Marren will take a look at the main considerations for rearing farms prior to purchasing dairy beef calves.
15 February 2023 Management
Options for storing colostrum during spring calving
When freezing colostrum during calving time, making use of zip-lock bags is recommended.
14 February 2023 Management
Beef Management: investigating abortions and early grass
Adam Woods takes a look at abortions in suckler herds, safety at calving time and getting ready for early grass.
8 February 2023 Management