Northern Ireland
Buying stores to graze: Do the costs stack?
Kieran Mailey
Where farmers are planning to purchase store cattle to graze and finish, doing up a budget before buying is advised. Kieran Mailey reports.
4 October 2023 Winter Feed
Finishing 700 cattle/year in Shercock
Adam Woods visits beef finisher Samuel Hill, winner of the National Livestock show beef finisher sustainability award, who farms just outside Shercock in Co Cavan
28 March 2023 Management
Making a call on cattle to finish out of the shed
With an extremely strong live ring, farmers should be looking through forward stores in the shed and deciding on what to finish, graze or offload.
Beef Management: CBV values and getting cows back in calf
With CBV values going up on mart boards this week, we take a look at what they are and how farmers can use them when buying dairy x calves.
1 March 2023 Management
Making a final call on which cattle to kill off grass
The grazing season is moving into its final stages for this year, so now is an ideal time to make a decision on which cattle will be slaughtered off grass this autumn.
23 August 2022 Management
Check finishing cattle have enough feed and lying space
Finishing cattle will be on to maximum concentrate intakes, so it is important that performance is not hindered by over-stocking in sheds.
5 April 2022 Management