Northern Ireland
DAERA sets out timeline for farm support
David Wright
A new programme of farm support and development is to be phased in over the next few years.
BPS replacement will take time to build
NI is set to transition towards a new Farm Sustainability Payment, starting in 2025.
DAERA closes 16,000 farm business IDs
The Department of Agriculture in Northern Ireland found that 16,237 farm businesses had had no interaction with them for five years or more.
The key scheme dates for the first half of 2023
The CAP Strategic Plan which comes in to play on 1 January 2023 brings many changes to schemes we have become accustomed to over the last seven years along with a number of new schemes.
30 December 2022 Schemes
What to expect in a Young Farmers Scheme inspection
There are two main parts to an inspection – a land eligibility inspection and examining compliance with scheme requirements.
11 November 2022 Schemes
Big changes on the horizon affecting trading of entitlements
Changes in 2023 include an amnesty on the clawback of entitlements sold without land, the introduction of an active farmer rule for payment of entitlements and tighter restrictions around leasing.
23 March 2022 Schemes
CAP explained: what does the future hold for entitlement values?
The current payment system for entitlements will undergo a number of changes starting in 2023 when the new CAP comes in to play.
24 November 2021 Schemes
Department confirms advance on BPS
The news comes in a timely manner, especially suckler farmers who rely heavily on support payments.
11 October 2021 News
Recapping on new nitrates watercourse and roadway rules
The new farm roadway rules which came into effect on 1 January concern all farmers while the watercourse fencing and water trough location rules apply to farmers exceeding a stocking rate of 170kg/ha.
16 June 2021 Infrastructure