Number of positive BVD results down on 2023
Declan Collins
Declan Collins takes a look at the next steps after a calf is tested positive for BVD and has an update on positive results in 2024 so far.
8 June 2022 News
Farm sector ‘will get to net zero’ – Gilliland
MSD Animal Health demonstrated how improving animal health can also reduce farm emissions at their conference on Thursday.
29 December 2021 Schemes
Final push for BVD national eradication programme
In announcing a continuation of Department supports Minister for Agriculture Charlie McConalogue said ‘BVD freedom’ is in sight and that Ireland is close to eradicating it from the herd.
BVD Eradication Programme records 99.24% negative test for calves
The level of compliance with the programme continues to grow, with just 564 cases of BVD recorded in 2,027,118 calves tested to-date in 2021.
28 July 2021 Schemes