Poultry welfare proposals could ‘quadruple’ chicken costs – IFA
Noel Bardon
Costs would surge if poultry stocking rates are dropped and low limits set for broiler growth rates, Sweetnam said.
3 May 2023 News
FAO highlights value of meat, eggs and milk
FAO trawl through 500 scientific papers and 250 policy documents, concluding that meat, dairy and eggs are important for the human diet.
26 April 2023 Letters
Letter: equipment training for farmers is essential to animal welfare
“Essential farming equipment and animal welfare” - Brendan Smyth MVB, chair of Veterinary Ireland’s animal welfare committee.
Ensuring adequate feeding and lying space this winter
A recommended minimum area for feeding and lying space of cattle exists and should be adhered to in almost all cases.
11 October 2022 Management