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Nitrates Derogation Calculator
Instructions: Please fill in the yellow boxes
It is presumed that all parts of the country are operating at a limit of 220kg N/ha
Step 1. N from dairy cows
Nitrates band
Average annual cow numbers
Total N from dairy cows {{B6}}
Step 2. N from other stock
Number N Excretion rate Total N
Average annual cattle more than 2 years of age {{C10}} {{D10}}
Average annual cattle 1-2 year old {{C11}} {{D11}}
Average annual cattle 0-1 year old {{C12}} {{D12}}
Total N from other animals {{D13}}
Total N produced on farm {{B15}}
Step 3. Land area
Total eligible hectares as per BISS application
N excretion rate per hectare (kg N/ha) {{ B20 | number:(B20 % 1 === 0 ? 0 : 5) }}
Excess N produced on holding above 220kg N/ha {{B21}}
Step 4. Assess options
If N excretion rate is greater than 220kg N/ha then the farmer has three options;
1) Export this amount of slurry off their farm (gallons) {{B25}}
2) Reduce cow numbers by this amount of cows {{B26}}
3) Increase land area by this amount of hectares {{B27}}
4) Or a combination of the above
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