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Tranche two approvals for TAMS breaches 7,000
Martin Merrick
As of 15 July, 7,153 applications have been approved under tranche two of TAMS III, while a review on reference costs will take place in 2025.
43% of farmers in ACRES co-operation still waiting on balancing payment
13 July 2024 Schemes
43% of farmers in ACRES co-operation still waiting on balancing payment
It was also revealed that 15% of all farmers in ACRES were overpaid by their interim payment in February.
Suckler scheme to open in early August - McConalogue
9 July 2024 Schemes
Suckler scheme to open in early August - McConalogue
The 2024 Beef Welfare Scheme will support farmers in meal feeding suckler calves before and after weaning and in vaccinating against clostridial diseases and calf pneumonia.
New charter reverts to traditional dates for payments
The announcement of the ANC advance payments will once again be a feature of the Ploughing Championships.
3 July 2024 Schemes
Catch crop rules changes not enough
Farmers are confused about grazing rules for catch crop and forage crops and don;t see the need for the complications.
3 July 2024 News
Open call for farmer health, safety and wellbeing projects
The projects which will be funded from the Department’s dedicated farm safety budget cover farm safety, farmer physical health and mental health and wellbeing.
3 July 2024 Schemes
Charter lists scheme payment dates for 2024
The timelines for all schemes are not exact but provide an approximate time frame of when farmers can expect to receive payment
3 July 2024 Schemes
INHFA demands immediate action on ACRES
INHFA president Vincent Roddy says there is a high level of frustration around ACRES and that there is a need to address critical issues around payments, habitat scorecards and actions for farmers.
3 July 2024 Schemes
Q&A: the new €5,000 grant for old farmhouses
A new grant is available which covers some of the cost of tailored conservation advice on how to bring old farmhouses back to life.
2 July 2024 Schemes
What is the protein payment likely to be?
The protein payment may disappoint tillage farmers this season as more area moves into protein and protein cereal mix crops.
30 June 2024 News
Schemes update: 178 fewer BVD-positive calves identified in 2024
The latest AHI programme results show 332 BVD-positive calves identified up to week 26, with 27 fewer herds experiencing issues with the disease in the year to date.
28 June 2024 Schemes
Schemes info: dairy beef acceptance letters, SCEP training and ACRES LESS
There is important notification for farmers this week regarding dairy beef scheme terms and conditions, SCEP training and outstanding ACRES LESS forms.
26 June 2024 Schemes