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AD plants wanted for new Mitchelstown grid injection facility
Stephen Robb
AD plants who cannot connect to the gas grid are invited to submit an expression of interest to supply biomethane to Gas Networks Ireland’s new Central Grid Injection facility in Mitchelstown, Cork.
Farmers should use co-op model to supply AD plants - Minister Ryan
12 June 2024 Renewables
Farmers should use co-op model to supply AD plants - Minister Ryan
Those considering a move to supply anaerobic digestion plants should look to farming's co-op traditions to get the best deal they can, according to Minister Ryan.
Anaerobic digestion training course set for June
12 June 2024 Renewables
Anaerobic digestion training course set for June
The course is tailored for farmers who are considering anaerobic digestion, as well as policymakers, researchers and current biogas operators and their staff.
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12 June 2024 Renewables
Meath is Ireland’s solar power capital
Data from the statistics provider Green Collective shows that May was a record month for solar power, and Co Meath is the solar powerhouse of Ireland.
12 June 2024 Renewables
Yara opens hydrogen plant to make low-carbon fertilisers
Yara has 'already delivered' the first tonnes of fertilisers made from green ammonia produced at the new hydrogen plant.
12 June 2024 News
2,000 farmers needed for seven new mega biogas plants
Greengate Biogas Partnership, launched this week in Croke Park, aims to bring the Danish anaerobic digestion model to Ireland by developing seven large projects, working with 2,000 farmers.
12 June 2024 News
HGVs can now refuel with biomethane at new station
Up to 50 HGVs will be able to refuel with biomethane in Ireland's first ever dedicated Bio-CNG self-service station which opened today in Dublin.
11 June 2024 News
Strategy supports 'emission-intensive' milk and meat production – An Taisce
The strategy will increase the viability of 'emissions-intensive' milk and meat production and needs to be evidence-led and society-centred, instead of 'agri-led' and 'farmer-centric' stated An Taisce
10 June 2024 News
ISIF commits €128m to new renewable fund
The Ireland Strategic Investment Fund will commit €125m to a new fund aimed at renewable energy generation, energy storage solutions and grid infrastructure investments.
7 June 2024 Renewables
Mixed reaction to biomethane strategy
While most of the industry was pleased that the flagship National Biomethane Strategy was finally launched, all agreed that it has many shortcomings.
5 June 2024 News
Two in five farmers against solar panels on farmland
More farmers disagree with solar panels being installed on productive farmland than agree with the practice.
5 June 2024 Renewables