Making the CAP work - farmer views wanted
Phelim O'Neill
Farmers have a chance to tell the EU about the bureaucracy of the current CAP and it should be taken.
5 April 2024 News
Diesel price affects production and distribution costs
Rising diesel prices increase costs for farmers and exporters alike and it looks like the trend will continue.
3 April 2024 World
Market Digest: stories from around the world
Brief news snippets from Indonesia, Brazil, United States and New Zealand.
Factory inspections by Korea underway
Irish beef will be cleared for export to South Korea this week, subject to satisfactory inspections and agreement on veterinary certificate.
3 April 2024 News
World's largest meat processor made a loss in 2023
JBS move from huge profits in 2022 to losses in 2023, driven by perfect storm of high US cattle prices and weaker export markets.
31 March 2024 News
Agri-Food Regulator reports 'good progress' in early dialogues
Agri-Food Regulator has clear directions on unfair trading practices legislation, but will have to find their own way on bringing transparency to the supply chain.
29 March 2024 News
Industry partnership required for Agri-Food Regulator to deliver
Phelim O'Neill talks to Agri-Food Regulator CEO Niamh Lenehan about what the office can do for Irish farmers on UTP enforcement and increasing transparency in supply chain.
27 March 2024 News
Market Digest: stories from around the world
Brief news snippets from USA, Russia, Peru and Australia.
27 March 2024 World
Fonterra increases milk prices as profits jump 23%
Jump in Fonterra profits for the first half of their finacial year and a positive outlook for the second half.
27 March 2024 News
Labelling minefield: how Ireland can gain or lose
Country-of-origin labelling benefits farmers in countries that don't produce enough to meet demand, but penalise exporters like Ireland.
27 March 2024 News
CAP simplification is a no brainer
Cutting farmer bureaucracy doesn't cost the EU a euro and removal of inspections for smaller farmers is a welcome first step.
24 March 2024 News
Power of meat in the USA
Meat consumption in US remains robust with biggest threat coming from cost of living crisis, not meat substitute products
22 March 2024 News