EU needs to tackle concentrating land ownership - Commissioner
Noel Bardon
European Commissioner for Agriculture Janusz Wojciechowski wants more supports for small farmers and a mandatory cap on direct payments, which is already in play in Ireland.
7 December 2023 Markets
Global demand for beef imports to rise as EU output falls
The EU is facing a further decline to suckler numbers and a drop in the volumes of beef exported over the next decade, the EU agricultural outlook conference heard.
6 December 2023 News
One-year reprieve from new CAP peatland rules
Those farming peat soils are set to face new CAP rules from 2025 onwards, but the Department had planned having them come into play in January 2024 when it drafted the CAP plan.
Maximum nine-hour calf transport window proposed
Brussels plans on revamping EU animal welfare rules, with new proposals announced for updating animal transport rules.
6 December 2023 News
Court rules in favour of farmer in cash poor, asset rich insolvency case
The Supreme Court ruling concerned two loans taken out by a farmer with Ulster Bank, but which were later sold to a vulture fund.
6 December 2023 News
Minister seeks one year delay for new CAP peatland rules
The Department of Agriculture is seeking the flexibility to push back the start date for new CAP peatland rules, which had been planned to take effect from January 2024.
Commission looks to reset relations with farmers
A strategic dialogue involving farmers, processors and retailers, as well as environmental and animal welfare groups, will be launched in January.
6 December 2023 News
€264m in BISS and CRISS balancing payments on way to farmers
The remainder of eligible farmers' BISS and CRISS funds were sent on their way to banks accounts on Monday.
4 December 2023 News
IFA blames Department for fallen animal collection strike
A dispute over Department subsidies for knackeries has led to fallen animal collection services taking strike action.
4 December 2023 News
Bord Bia announces €2.7m organic beef and lamb drive
The three-year campaign will begin in spring 2024, backed by a mix of EU and Bord Bia's own funding.
4 December 2023 News
Dairy farmers to be guaranteed €200/head for Wagyu-cross calves
Warrendale Wagyu Ireland has said the move will guarantee prices for dairy farmers using the breed.
4 December 2023 News
Farm groups ‘most effective’ lobbyists in Europe - Kelleher
Billy Kelleher MEP has argued that farming organisations' focus on Brussels puts them ahead of other lobby groups when it comes to influencing EU legislation.
4 December 2023 News