Readers write: Granny flats, gender reveals and vacuum cleaners
Ask Miriam
This week, Miriam hears from readers in relation to some recent conundrums; from whether or not it's a good idea to move in beside the in-laws to receiving a hoover for a significant birthday.
20 September 2023 Ask Miriam
'Start as you mean to go on'
This week, Miriam hears from two readers in response to a recent letter from a reader who was feeling pressure to move in to a granny flat beside her boyfriend's parents.
6 September 2023 Ask Miriam
'My family bought me a hoover for my birthday'
This week, Miriam responds to a reader who was left disappointed by the gift that her family chose for her significant birthday.
'I don’t want to move into granny flat on the farm'
Dear Miriam, my in-laws have offered their granny flat to us, but I need my own space
30 August 2023 Ask Miriam
'She should not feel guilty for listening to her mind and body'
This week, Miriam hears from readers sharing their personal experiences after a recent letter regarding postnatal depression and anxiety
23 August 2023 Ask Miriam
'Should I destroy old love letters found in the attic?'
Miriam hears from a reader who faces a predicament about what to do with his teenage love letters
16 August 2023 Ask Miriam
'Life is too short. You deserve much better.'
This week, Miriam hears from a number of readers who wish to share their experience and advice regarding living in a toxic marriage or family situation
9 August 2023 Ask Miriam
'My sister wants to be cremated'
Dear Miriam, my sister wants to be cremated, but I am struggling with her wishes.
2 August 2023 Ask Miriam
'I feel guilty for not having another baby'
Dear Miriam, I am terrified of having another baby in case I develop post natal anxiety again, but I feel like I have failed my husband and child.
26 July 2023 Ask Miriam
‘My friend is always running late’
Dear Miriam, my friend is always running late; but I'm running out of patience.
19 July 2023 Ask Miriam
'My future daughter-in-law is having a vegetarian wedding menu'
Dear Miriam, my son is getting married but his wife-to-be wants a vegetarian wedding menu. What will people think?
12 July 2023 Ask Miriam
'I am in a very toxic marriage'
Dear Miriam, my husband insults and belittles me, but I feel trapped in the marriage.
5 July 2023 Ask Miriam