Inflammatory bowel disease: holistic approach is key
Margaret Hawkins
Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is an umbrella term for auto-immune conditions, the most common being Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis. Management requires an holistic approach, writes Margaret Hawkins
17 May 2023 Health
The life-changing gift of a kidney
Bernard Óg Keaney from Roundstone, Co Galway received a kidney transplant when he was six years old. Now 12, he is living life to the full. Margaret Hawkins writes.
3 May 2023 Health
Health: Parkinson’s and a farmers second chance at life
Leitrim suckler farmer Michael McCabe had deep brain stimulation surgery (DBS) for Parkinson’s disease last November and now has a second chance at life. Margaret Hawkins hears his story.
Health: what are your options when managing knee pain?
Margaret Hawkins speaks with orthopaedic and sports surgeon, professor Cathal Moran, about treatment and preventative care for knee pain
26 April 2023 Health
Healthbytes: hormone health, beyond BMI and more
Want to know who has launched a book about hormone health? Where you can get six free counselling sessions? Why you should see a GP if you notice bowel changes? Margaret Hawkins has these Healthbytes
19 April 2023 Health
The right diet can nurture your body through the menopause
Nearing menopause? Eating properly is very important as you live through what can be challenging years for many, writes Margaret Hawkins.
12 April 2023 Health
Health: Bringing balance to Easter eating 755726
Chocolate can dominate the Easter eating landscape but what can you do to keep a lid on over-indulgence at this time? writes Margaret Hawkins.
5 April 2023 Health
“See a gynaecologist and have everything checked: it’s what saved me”
Blessed. That’s how Rita McInerney feels now she is six years free of ovarian cancer. Margaret Hawkins hears her message- have a check-up to make sure your gynaecological health is all it should be.
22 March 2023 Health
Getting your mental health back on track with Grow
Margaret Hawkins learns how Grow Mental Health has helped changed lives with its supports, including new, men-only online meetings.
15 March 2023 Health
Postnatal depression: a real illness
1 in 10 women reported symptoms of moderate to severe anxiety in the months after giving birth according to a recent study. Margaret Hawkins talks to midwife Susan Hogan about how to seek support.
8 March 2023 Health
Breaking down the stigma around bulimia and showing recovery is possible
Eating disorders are complex and can take many forms. To coincide with eating disorder awareness week, Margaret Hawkins explores the factors driving bulimia and how recovery is possible.
22 February 2023 Health
Supporting children who are self-harming
Self-harm is on the increase with an estimated 10% of adolescents affected, including children under the age of 10. But where can they seek help? Margaret Hawkins writes.
15 February 2023 Health