Lower cow star ratings - are changing percentiles responsible?
Darren Carty
The recent focus on breeding index changes has uncovered movement in star ratings of suckler cows for many farmers, but these changes are not responsible in numerous cases.
9 December 2023 News
Temporary sheep movements - keeping paperwork on track
It is important to identify if you need to notify the Department of sheep movements relating to the grazing of surplus grass or forage crops.
8 December 2023 Schemes
Schemes update: ANC payments worth €7.2m paid to 1,374 farmers this week
ANC payments have been boosted by more farmers satisfying stocking rates, while sizeable payments occurred across a number of other schemes this week.
Sheep mart prices: agents reluctant to let sheep home unsold
Factory agents remain coy in their purchasing behaviour and while reluctant to pay higher, are keen to use mart sales to try to increase throughput.
6 December 2023 Markets
Sheep Trends: quotes rebound by 10c/kg as supplies tighten
Last week’s kill fell by 3,874 head, prompting factories to quickly reverse their 10c/kg cut in base quotes.
6 December 2023 Markets
December health corner – eye issues and liver fluke
Reports indicate that the change in weather and increase in supplementary feeding is giving rise to more eye-related problems, while liver fluke remains a concern.
6 December 2023 Breeding & health
Sheep Management: TAMS delays, ACRES catch crops and SIS queries
There is still no real clarity surrounding when farmers who have submitted an application under tranche one of TAMS III can expect to receive approval.
6 December 2023 Management
Lamb quotes quickly rebound by 10c/kg
Quality assured lambs are selling in the main from €6.60/kg to €6.75/kg with top prices rising to €6.80/kg and higher.
6 December 2023 News
Sheep price update: factory quotes rebound, mart prices steady
A number of factories have revised quotes upwards by 10c/kg for Tuesday, while mart prices remain largely unchanged over the weekend and on Monday.
4 December 2023 Markets
Mandatory BVD tissue tagging rolls over to 2024
The national eradication programme is entering its 12th year with hopes that Ireland can apply for BVD-free status and soon bring a conclusion to tissue tagging.
3 December 2023 News
Australian sheep flock and beef herd enters destocking phase
Low farmgate prices, combined with high input costs and a threat of an El Niño weather phenomenon, are reducing optimism among farmers and leading to higher culling to minimise losses.
3 December 2023 News
IFJ Junior: Hiding in the hay meadows... the books that bring nature to life
Shane Casey’s books are a fun and interesting way to learn about Irish wildlife and have the added benefit of being dyslexia-friendly.