Sheep price update: trade steady to marginally easier in cases
Darren Carty
Base lamb quotes are in the region of €7.60/kg, with prices for quality assured lambs ranging in the main from €7.80/kg to €8.00/kg.
28 May 2023 News
Cow kill down almost 5,000 head to April 2023
The latest Department of Agriculture data shows there were 91,110 dairy cows and 43,385 beef cows slaughtered in the first four months of the year.
26 May 2023 Management
Lamb-specific options on radar under Sheep Improvement Scheme
June marks the start of options including flystrike control, parasite control and mineral supplementation of lambs pre-weaning.
FBD five-star LambPlus classes launched for Sheep 2023
The competition includes a replacement class and a terminal class with a €1,000 prize fund for each.
24 May 2023
Camera at the Mart: 95% clearance at Cooley Sheep Breeders ewe with lamb sale
The trade for ewes with twin lambs at foot ranged from €150 to €270, while single-lamb lots ranged from €140 to €233.
24 May 2023 Markets
Sheep mart prices: lamb prices fall on average by €2-€5/head
There has been some variability in reports this week, with top prices ranging anywhere from €168 to €180 per head.
24 May 2023 Markets
Sheep Trends: trade steadies after recent pressure
Base quotes for Thursday are unchanged, with lambs trading in the main from €7.90/kg to €8.00/kg, with top prices including bonuses rising to €8.10/kg.
24 May 2023 Markets
BISS applications top 100,000 with just days left to apply
There will be a spike in applications in the coming days with over 20,000 applications expected before the deadline of 23.59pm on Monday 29 May.
24 May 2023 Schemes
Sheep Management: blowfly strike, grass management and nematodirus reminder
A number of shearing contractors and farmers have reported cases of blowfly strike in adult sheep in recent days, raising awareness for the need to carry out regular checks.
24 May 2023 Management
Sheep price update: lamb prices steady to €2 to €5 per head easier
Agents purchasing in marts remain keen for sheep, but have reacted to factories pulling their base quotes and are reluctant to match last week’s prices.
22 May 2023 Markets
Hours to go until deadline for SCEP applications
A jump in applications had been expected in recent days, with the Department targeting 20,000 farmers in this scheme.
22 May 2023 News
Newford Farm update: low level of repeat breeding activity
Breeding appears to be progressing nicely, with only a handful of animals receiving a repeat insemination in the fourth week of the breeding season.
21 May 2023 Newford Farm