Oats research being carried out to support future expansion
There is increased interest in food-grade oats and it is important that management advice is correct. Atikur Rahman reports from Teagasc Oak Park.
31 May 2023 Recipes
Home Nurse: Nessa Robins’ brain fuel for exam season
With the Junior and Leaving Cert just around the corner, Nessa Robins shares her healthy snack ideas to fuel our students.
31 May 2023 Features
A swarm in June is worth a silver spoon
Folklorist Shane Lehane delves into the incredible - if complicated - world of bee-keeping.
Margaret Leahy: accessible outdoor public spaces are a dream for city dwellers
On a recent visit to Vancouver, Canada, Margaret Leahy discovered a city park which was, in reality, so much more.
31 May 2023 Features
How to cope when a child dies
"Our children are only lent to us" is an old familiar saying, and so true, writes Claire Lyons Forde.
31 May 2023 Health
A Week in the Country: novel gap filler, bush vetch and exam tips
Check out what caught the eye of the Irish Country Living team this week.
31 May 2023 Features
SCEP first step in rebuilding suckler herd - Golden
Our entire beef sector and the associated jobs are built on the reputation and production systems of suckler farms, IFA livestock chair Brendan Golden has said.
31 May 2023 Community
Clare Macra to host summer party
Tickets will be released soon, but there is limited availability in the hotels.
31 May 2023 Community
Tillage Management: drier weather a help to reduce disease
Tillage farmers are no doubt enjoying the better weather at present, which should help to reduce disease levels on plants.
31 May 2023 Husbandry
Mart worker found not guilty of baton assault charge on farmer
The farmer alleged that a long-time employee of Golden Vale Mart Yard, Gotoon, Kilmallock, Co Limerick, struck him across the face with a baton at the mart in June 2019.
25 May 2023 News
Kate Durrant writes: No Mow May
For Kate Durrant, “No Mow May” is a much welcome license to be lazy; while doing her bit for nature.
24 May 2023 Features
Finance: Tax reliefs when transferring land to family
Jerry O’Neill breaks down how to transfer a farm in the most tax efficient manner.
24 May 2023 Motoring