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Heated exchanges at ash dieback taskforce
Declan O’Brien
Forestry growers' representatives said they signed up to the taskforce's terms of reference "under duress".
The need for continuity and support for forest research
29 May 2024 Forestry
The need for continuity and support for forest research
Message of late distinguished forester and researcher, Gerhardt Gallagher, who advocated a co-ordinated research programme and research centre within forestry development agency, needs to be adopted.
Supports needed for forestry replanting, Gleeson concedes
22 May 2024 News
Supports needed for forestry replanting, Gleeson concedes
Department supremo insists that the legal requirement to replant forestry ground after harvesting will not be removed.
Putting land into forestry a ‘big leap’ for landowners - Department boss
Brendan Gleeson said that it is “extremely unlikely” that the 8,000ha forestry target will be met, unless there is “an explosion in demand”.
19 May 2024 Forestry
Main RDS forestry awards go to Donegal, Cavan, Kilkenny and Cork
Winning entries beat off strong competition from forests in counties Wicklow, Laois, Waterford, Meath, Limerick and Louth.
15 May 2024 Forestry
Aftermath of ash dieback action plan
If lessons are learned from the ash dieback review the sector can move forward, especially if taskforce recommendations are implemented by the Department and long-term issues are addressed.
8 May 2024 Forestry
Ash dieback package to boost replanting activity
An upsurge in activity is expected to remove and replant much of the 20,000ha of diseased ash plantations in the country that have not been removed to date.
8 May 2024 News
Conifer trees 'driving' employment in rural areas
The "fixation" that big conifer forests are bad and broad leaf forests are good is the wrong view to have, consultant Henry Philips has said.
8 May 2024 Forestry
Forestry plantings remain on the floor
Unless there is a surge in activity between now and December, the total area planted will fall well below 2,000ha again this year.
8 May 2024 News
No suspension of Scottish log imports - Minister
Minister for Agriculture Charlie McConalogue was responding to a question asking his position on suspending log imports from Scotland due to the presence of the bark beetle there.
4 May 2024 News
Edenderry Power now completely wood-reliant
Bord na Móna’s Edenderry plant purchases 500,000t of wood biomass annually, including 87% of material from Irish small and low-quality logs, woodchips, sawdust and forest brash.
1 May 2024 Forestry
Ash dieback payment of €5,000/ha in lieu of revenue losses
Annual premiums ruled out, but €5,000/ha payment provided, while issues remain about capping site clearance costs at  €2,000/ha for a new ash dieback package which has received a cautious welcome.
1 May 2024 Forestry