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Slim dairy beef margins in early years
Jack Kennedy
The farm is budgeting for a selling price of €4.70/kg for the typical O grade carcase from this type of operation.
Animal health - Dutch calf challenge
10 July 2024 Viewpoints
Animal health - Dutch calf challenge
It could take Ireland up to 16 years to achieve IBR-free status.
Top priority  -  quad bike safety
10 July 2024 Viewpoints
Top priority - quad bike safety
We have of course the regulation that all quad bike users must wear a helmet.
Positivity on emissions - EPA report
Cutting fertiliser to import feed from outside the country makes no sense.
10 July 2024 Viewpoints
Suckler weanlings see 40% price rise but herd decline continues
As an industry, as farmers collectively watching this sector in demise, are we comfortable seeing this sector disappear before our eyes?
3 July 2024 Viewpoints
Investigation - Dan Brennan's farm
We have covered the Dan Brennan story from Co Kilkenny from the very start.
3 July 2024 Viewpoints
EU political nervousness on show
Of more concern right now to the EU is what might be happening in the US and closer to home in France.
3 July 2024 Viewpoints
Key messages from Grange beef open day
The message and visual demonstration on the value of CBV was clear.
26 June 2024 Viewpoints
Cover crop nonsense
Frustration from farmers centered around the specific rules to manage cover crops on tillage farms.
26 June 2024 Viewpoints
Embrace Farm - annual memorial
It is with a special fondness we remember so many taken from us far too early doing what they love and what we all love – farming.
26 June 2024 Viewpoints
Counting on carbon
The baseline carbon stocks in soils is and will be harder to quantify.
26 June 2024 Viewpoints
Without farmers, research gathers dust
The challenges around surplus phosphorus, ammonia and methane are particularly important in a Northern Ireland scenario.
19 June 2024 Viewpoints