Information on farm building design and construction.

60-point rotary and drafting system streamlining milking in Piltown
Martin Merrick
The DeLaval 60-point rotary is seeing the farm’s 400 herd of cows milked in just under an hour and a half.
Lack of cash hits on-farm construction
15 May 2024 News
Lack of cash hits on-farm construction
A combination of atrocious weather, reduced cashflow and uncertainty around the nitrates derogation has stalled a major share of farm construction work.
Know your limits with pits
15 May 2024 Buildings
Know your limits with pits
The issue of silage pit capacity needs to be considered before the silage season begins on farms, which have increased their cow numbers, writes Martin Merrick.
TAMS costings: review required amid skewed results
TAMS costings have been falling far short of actual costs for some time, but how does TAMS III reference costs stack up.
8 May 2024 Buildings
Underpasses given specification following inclusion in TAMS
With no previous specification for underpasses, the Department of Agriculture recently released the minimum requirements for TAMS aid.
1 May 2024 Buildings
Approving all TAMS applications 'means nothing' until letters reach farmers
The ICMSA claims that while the announcement that all tranche three applications will be accepted is welcome, it means little until farmers get the green light to go ahead with works.
24 April 2024 News
Farm building approvals rise but overall build area declines
Although there were an additional 70 planning permissions granted in 2023 for agricultural buildings, the overall area of buildings constructed has decreased, reports Martin Merrick.
17 April 2024 Buildings
Slatted floors for sheep and calves: the pros and cons
With the recent straw shortages and another mediocre harvest on the cards, Martin Merrick analyses what merits there are in having slatted flooring vs. straw bedded for drystock.
10 April 2024 Buildings
TAMS applications: avoiding the pitfalls when applying
With up to 50% of TAMS applications receiving queries, the DAFM has sought to reduce these by educating agents and farmers on some of the common errors.
3 April 2024 Buildings
Greenfield dairy unit with all the bells and whistles
John Keane has created a top-spec, new build parlour, handling area and cubicle accommodation for his new dairy enterprise in Mayo.
27 March 2024 Buildings
Ready-mix costs increase by 46.6% over three-year period
CSO figures show that while structural steel and timber costs are down, ready-mix, gravel and cement have all increased again this year.
20 March 2024 Buildings
Replacement heifer accommodation to the fore in Waterford
With yearling accommodation switched over to cow cubicles, a new purpose-built heifer cubicle shed and calf house were built earlier this year.
13 March 2024 Buildings