Information on farm building design and construction.

174ha of agricultural construction receives planning permission
Martin Merrick
The third quarter of 2023 has seen planning permissions granted rise by 37% when compared with the same period last year.
200-year-old cottage preserved in Co Kerry
6 December 2023 Buildings
200-year-old cottage preserved in Co Kerry
Patrick and Pauline’s 200-year-old cottage has been restored to its former glory without invasive works, thanks to the Heritage Council Ireland grant aid.
Changes to VAT rules 'slash' TAMS grant rate to 24%
6 December 2023 News
Changes to VAT rules 'slash' TAMS grant rate to 24%
The recent changes to non-VAT registered farmers being able to reclaim VAT on certain items has slashed the percentage grant rate that farmers will receive.
Teemore to debut VR farm building headset
The headset will allow farmers to virtually walk around the shed before kitting out is completed.
5 December 2023 Buildings
IFJ Junior: what is TAMS and how does it work?
TAMS is a popular grant scheme for farmers to improve their farm facilities. Martin Merrick outlines the ins and outs of what TAMS is and how you can apply.
2 December 2023 Buildings
Cement fibre sheeting to battle salty breeze in seaside suckler shed
With the Atlantic Ocean just metres away, cement-fibre sheeting had to be used to prevent corrosion on the Hanrahans’ new suckler shed.
29 November 2023 Buildings
Mild October highlights ever-present ventilation issues
Martin Merrick calculates what air inlet vented sheeting has in comparison to space or Yorkshire boarding, as a mild October highlighted ever-present ventilation issues.
22 November 2023 Buildings
Map: Cork farmers account for 14% of TAMS 3 applications
Figures released by the Department of Agriculture show that of the 8,203 applications made under TAMS 3, some 1,171 of these were made by Cork farmers.
14 November 2023 Schemes
Novel calf-rearing pens in Denmark
Stephen Robb visited two farms in Denmark, which took a different approach to calf-rearing pens.
1 November 2023 Buildings
Preserving heritage in Foxford with cow byre restoration
Foxford native Val McLoughlin utilised the Heritage Council Traditional farm buildings grant to carefully restore a derelict cow house on his north Mayo farm.
25 October 2023 Buildings
Denmark – the biomethane pioneers
Denmark has become a world leader in biomethane production. Stephen Robb recently paid a visit to a Danish anaerobic digestion plant to gain an insight into how the system works in practice.
18 October 2023 News
70% grant rate for slurry storage not the derogation cut silver bullet
For farms importing slurry, a 70% grant rate for the creation of storage has been proposed by the Department to lessen the effect of the derogation cuts. Martin Merrick analyses the costs of this.
18 October 2023 Buildings