Dedicated Dairy Farming News

Over 32,000 TB reactors removed in year up to June
Noel Bardon
The Department’s TB figures continue to show a worsening of the disease’s trends in herds.
Department still gathering evidence in calf welfare investigation
21 July 2024 News
Department still gathering evidence in calf welfare investigation
All mart premises which featured in the programme which was aired in July 2023 have been visited by the Department of Agriculture.
Carbery lifts June milk price
19 July 2024 News
Carbery lifts June milk price
The co-op has announced a slight price increase for suppliers' June milk.
Tirlán increases milk price for June
Tirlán also upped its base milk price last month for May supplies.
18 July 2024 News
Dairygold imposes €4/t feed penalty
Weekend deliveries of compound feed attract €4/t surcharge at southern co-op.
17 July 2024 News
EPA does not know how farmer action impacts water quality
Tipperary TD Jackie Cahill said that there is a serious gap in the whole system where we see an improvement in water quality but we are not able to ascertain the reason for that improvement.
17 July 2024 News
GDT index up by 0.4% at latest auction
This comes following a 6.9% drop in the Global Dairy Trade index at the trading event a fortnight ago.
16 July 2024 News
Stress on farmers being multiplied by fertiliser confusion - ICMSA
The ICMSA has called on the Minister for Agriculture to inform farmers of the amount of fertiliser they are legally allowed to spread between now and the closing date in September.
16 July 2024 News
Major winter fodder shortfall identified in ICMSA survey
Just over 58% of respondents predicted that they will reduce livestock numbers in light of the fodder situation.
16 July 2024 News
Nitrogen rate cut equates to losing one bale per/ha
In February, the Department of Agriculture announced a 5% cut to the upper limit of chemical nitrogen rates for all farmers.
10 July 2024 News
Farmers to sell stock due to fodder shortages
The target for feed on hand after first-cut is 70% for dairy farms and 77% for drystock farms.
10 July 2024 News
ICMSA seeks farm income volatility tool in the Budget
The dairy farmer body also called for 70% grant aid for the construction of additional slurry storage between now and 2027.
10 July 2024 News