Property Marking Ireland is promoting its newly launched call-out service.

The service offers farmers the opportunity to have valuables marked on site, eliminating the need to bring valuables to community marking centres.

The service can be used to mark valuables from tractors to chainsaws and accompanying signage promotes the fact that all valuables are marked and traceable, deterring criminals.

Property Marking Ireland CEO James O’Neill spoke of the increased demand for the service in rural areas and the farming community.

“Rural communities value their sense of place and the peace of mind that comes with living in the country. This operation aims to reduce crime and, moreover, reduce fear of crime, particularly for older people.”

Farms near motorways most affected

Farms worst affected by farmyard theft are located close to motorways, with Co Galway, Co Cork and Co Tipperary seeing the highest incidence of crime, James said.

Speaking of the demand for the service from farmers, he said: “We are currently working with 24 local authorities, with over 800 communities involved in the programme.

"The call-out service was launched in response to farmers' demands, as farm security is a growing priority to farmers. We have visited over 100 farms since the launch of the call-out service.

“Approximately 28% to 30% of stolen property is found, but only 4% can be returned to the owner, without markings or identification on the valuables.

"Marking goods greatly increases the chance of farmers having their valuables returned to them,” he said.

Call-outs for property marking can be arranged by contacting the Property Marking Ireland office by phone or email.